Vonnegut and other things…

Kurt Vonnegut died today, at age 84, I will mourn his passing as will many others who have read his novels and short stories.

Here is the news article from yahoo if you care to read: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070412/ap_on_re_us/obit_vonnegut

I admit my love hate relationship with Vonnegut, I started really getting into him the year my father died and made the unfortunate mistake of really overdoing it. When I finally finished "Breakfast of Champions" I made a vow to give it a good rest. So, it's been about 8 years, maybe I'll go ahead and pick-up Timequake and try to read it again.

Among other things that have really made a dent in my week my brand new iMac

started giving me trouble last night, o.k., it really wasn't the iMac but my damn Final Cut Express. Now, I have been working in Final Cut for years and there is no good reason that my sound should have just failed to work last night. I checked every setting under the sun and still could not get the fucking sound to work. I mean, c'mon, brand new computer, brand new, factory installed program, WTF? The wave forms are there, the levels are running, but alas, no sound from the speakers. And yes, the computer DOES ahve sound (I tried my iTunes and iMovie and both play sound very well). So, now I'm just completely stumped. I guess I will be giving Apple care a call this evening, that is AFTER I post for my Theory class and AFTER I do more reading for Theory (this class is driving me nuts, I can't wait until it's over). Ahhh, the joys of grad school, I think I will go bang my head against a concrete wall right now.

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