Animal Rescue

O.k., so this is the second time in 2 weeks that I've rescued a sick, injured or lost animal.

Please understand, I don't mind this as I love animals, furry, feathered, scaly or otherwise, in fact I have a tendency to spout that I like animals better than most humans, but I digress.

so, today I'm at my desk in my office when two of my co-workers come over to me and tell me I should look out our kitchen window. so I get up and go with them to the kitchen to look out at our ledge. Now understand we are on the second floor of a corporate building that is only two stories tall and we have a ledge that has about a three foot wall that goes around our office. So I look out and there, struggling to walk, is a baby goose. The boys (my coworkers Brian and Simon) were outside having a smoke when they watched this little guy (and I assume it's a boy because only a boy would be this dumb) took a header off the roof over our building (which is approximately a 10 – 12 foot drop) and landed on our little ledge. So, of course I panic, thinking this poor thing is going to starve or end up lunch for some stupid crow. So I run back to my desk and call maintenance. And I wait. 30 minutes later still no one is here. By now  the little thing has made it about half way around our building but keeps getting his little feet stuck in the grating. So I grab my co-worker Brian, and drag him outside with me, turns out we have access to the ledge. Brian hesitates, so I run inside and grab Simon as well. We grab a  box lid and Brian reluctantly ventures onto the (not so safe looking) ledge to get our little peeping fellow. We bring him inside and I wait for maintenance to show up. Here's a pic of our office mascot for the day:

A few minutes later maintenance arrives and Simon gets up on the roof (reluctant humanitarian that he is) and sends baby back to his parents, who promptly chase Simon off the roof. We did our good deed for the day. Baby is safe and I got to have close contact with nature in need, yet again.

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