FMD – Final Thoughts

Class is almost over *sniff*, o.k. Jen, get a grip on yourself.

This was my first semester back in school, well, first semester in grad school anyway. I was a bit nervous the first time I walked into class to see new faces and wondering just what the heck I was getting my self into.

I had graduated with my undergrad 7 years prior and had only taken a couple of computer programming courses in between. I'd searched for a long time (almost 3 years) before finally deciding on the New School. I think it was serendipitous, the timing of finding the school and applying and getting accepted. I believe I had reached a new level of maturity and was finally ready to do what I'd been trying for so long.

But this isn't only about me, it's about the class itself. I think Virgil as a professor opened up my eyes again to the wonder and excitement I used to feel about Video and Design. When I was in my undergrad and during the few years after I loved video editing and couldn't wait to try my hands at web design and Flash. I was even jealous of my friends who worked in the creative industry who knew these programs and I'd never had the chance to learn. As I became more and more a corporate drone and was less and less creatively stimulated I found that I had a hard time relating to creative outlets anymore. I even stopped enjoying editing which had been my passion for so long. This class finally brought my joy back.

Another bright spot of the class was Carolina, our TA, who always had good advice and took great notes that helped when we were struggling to figure out Flash. She was there every Saturday with a smile on her face and I looked forward to our few minutes of chatting before class started.

I'm going to miss my Saturday morning classes, my relaxing train ride with a hot cup of coffee and some reading material, my new found friends (whom I hope to keep in contact with) and Virgil's energy (which seems boundless). I know I have many more classes to look forward to, but for an introduction to the courses of this school, I have to say I think I made the right choice.

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