Happy National Coffee Day

To all my coffee swigging peeps out there, put down your Starbucks frappa-mocha-latte-crap and listen up! Today, in honor of national coffee day I dare each and every one of you frilly, half caf, soy, two-pumps of vanilla drinkers to try a good old-fashioned cup o’ joe from your neighborhood coffee shop. NO not the giant green corporation you are all so highly addicted to, I mean your local mom and pop coffee-house. In honor of this day I got my usual morning coffee at my town coffee shop, Black Cat Cafe (of course I go there almost every morning, so today was no exception for me), but today I was especially excited to support my local establishment. If you don’t have a local coffee-shop then go to a gas station, a supermarket, or just fill up on your daily caffeine ration at home or in the office kitchen. Today I formally declare not only National Coffee Day, but also National Put Down the F-ing Starbucks Day!

Enjoy your Joe and support local business!


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