Things That Make Me Smile

In an effort to write more and keep this thing I call a blog going, I’m going to take the WordPress challenge and try to write at least one post a day/ week depending on how busy I get throughout the year.

Considering my blog is about mostly digital and media related topics (yes, coffee is VERY media related, I dare you to sit at a computer all day and NOT crave a cup now and then). So, without further ado here they are, my media related things that makes me smile:

Mashable, The Chronicle, Vulture, Etnies & HubSpot

These online magazines (and blogs) make my work life easy. As a social media manager I am responsible for Tweeting, re-Tweeting, posting and commenting all day long on topics ranging from skateboarding to higher education. I use social media to tell stories, interact with clients, engage with communities and learn new skills. Without a constant supply of information to pull from I would be stuck trying to come up with topics of conversation and new ideas one which to post. When you are responsible for posting consistently and constantly you need to have a good source of information from which to pull from, these resources are some of the best in their respective businesses and I check them almost hourly (thank you RSS).


There, I said it, I like HootSuite, it takes the guesswork out of Tweeting and makes managing multiple Twitter accounts a breeze. I briefly hated them when they started charging for options that were once free (unlimited accounts and feeds) but I got over it as I’m only managing 4 now and my company agreed to pay for any additional ones we hope to add in the future, so I’m content for now. HootSuite also had a kid brother called HootLet which is a Firefox add-on and allows you to instantaneously tweet on what ever page you are viewing.

Facebook FBML

Anyone who knows me and works with me will laugh at this. I grumble about FBML on a daily basis, it is cumbersome, annoying, tricky and awkward, BUT it does allow me to creatively design my Facebook pages, and with a little but of research I can work around the kinks and issues that come with it. Open source web design is a boon to all business owners and should be embraced as another way to expand your brand’s visibility.


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