Talk vs. Text

I tried to convince my mom the other day that texting has merits. She is in her late 60’s and has a difficult time with new technology to say the least, after awhile I figured that explaining the idea of texting to her was pointless either she was going to accept it, or she wasn’t, and I couldn’t persuade her otherwise.

While talking to her I listened to myself and realized that I too have a block when it comes to texting. It’s useful in certain situations, especially when I don’t have time to make a phone call or am in the office where I have shitty reception at best and am surrounded closely by my co-workers. However I find that the times I am available to talk; in the car (with my blue-tooth of course), on a walk, at home, or anywhere I can relax I like to have a real conversation. I have to admit, it’s nice to hear someone’s voice on the other end. Maybe I am part of the generational gap, the ones who understand the practical uses of texting, but also like to hear an actual human talking to us instead of a screen. In high school the telephone (and our own private landlines) were our over-used technology, and trust me we had as much (or as little) to say then as teens do today. But instead of passing handwritten notes between classes today’s adolescents are passing text messages and instead of avoiding homework by talking for long hours on the phone to friends they are busy texting and facebooking with them.

So, I won’t say I’m against texting in anyway, I find it useful and understand that this generation is only utilizing the technology they have at hand, and while they use text and IM, I will continue to enjoy long conversations over the phone with my best friend.


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