Congratulations Hickory!

I admit it, I love watching Westminster. I have a soft spot for all things furry, and scaly and feathery and…well you get the picture.

Dog shows fascinate me, I am awed by these beautiful creatures that we, after years of selective breeding (take that creationists), have molded into perfect employees for the jobs they have been assigned. From the tiny little ratters to the giant sight hounds and muscular working dogs (last night’s Great Dane was bigger than my car), I want to hug and play with each and everyone of them. The main thing that upsets me with dog shows however is that large breed dogs so rarely win, top dog accolades in most cases go to smaller breeds like terriers and spaniels, which was why last night’s win was such a welcome surprise.

For the first time in Westminster history a Scottish Deerhound took home the coveted Best in Show, (it was also I think the first time a best in show dog was nearly as tall as their handler) Hickory, a 5 year old female from Virginia loped her way into the heart of Best in Show judge, Paolo Dondina. The first Italian judge of Westminster described her as “perfectly the standard in all the ways,” which is a true compliment for a breed which can trace it’s history back almost 500 years. I’ll leave this post with a message from Dondina about his love of hounds which resonates with me, a fellow big dog lover: “I am a hound person. I had Afghans, I had whippets, I had Irish wolfhounds. I never owned a deerhound. This is my dream.”

Hickory, the Scottish Deerhound

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