Happy April Fool’s Day

As some of you may know, I work as a Social Media Manager, which means I spend a good portion of my day on Twitter and Facebook. In an effort to manage my multiple feeds and news streams I use a great little third party Twitter application called Hootsuite.

When I logged into Hootsuite this morning I was greeted by this cute little image of an ad for a new mobile app game called “Happy Owls.”

The game, a take-off of the highly popular “Angry Birds,” offers Tweeters hours of mindless diversion as they launch “these happy hooters into the stratosphere to earn points.” When one clicks on the ‘Play Now” button at the bottom of the screen they are taken to a new page which describes the game in further detail including specs and features:

Now, I know the campaign is a prank, heck, it’s April Fool’s day and as a reminder I was greeted by this article when I sat down this morning. But, determined not to be a party pooper I decided to see the gag through to the end:

So, there it is folks, Happy April Fools, I do hope you enjoyed the cute images of cartoon owls as much as I did and got to take a look at some of the internet’s other fun April fool’s including Hulu’s 1990’s re-dux, the death of the hashtag and Think Geek’s latest toys.

Now for my next post, Rebecca Black as a Cultural Icon…


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