Digital Producing and Current TV

Sorry I’ve been remiss in my duties folks, but it’s been an exciting summer. Sometime in early June I landed a great gig at Current TV as a Digital Producer for a sponsored segment on Urban Mobility. The segment, aptly named Urban Mobility 2011, focuses on the issues of urban sprawl and energy consumption in densely populated areas:

“Urban Mobility brings to you the concepts and designs which address the world’s growing problems of urban sprawl and energy consumption. These projects aim to provide communities with energy efficient transportation, fuel alternatives and innovative infrastructure.

However, Urban Mobility is more than just revolutionary ways of moving people; it is also a social cause that brings neighborhoods and communities together, reminding us that we are each a part of the global village.”

Urban Mobility 2011: Loop City

Working for Current has been an incredible learning experience. Things were a bit rocky in the beginning as I had one week to cram in three weeks work of training, but overall I have come away with some invaluable new skills and will be sad to see the position come to an end.

Meanwhile I’ll post a few of the articles that I have written for Urban Mobility for your reading pleasure and please be sure let me know your thoughts.


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