Robot Heart Stories

The busy bee is at it again. Transmedia projects are my passion (if you haven’t figured that out yet) and I’m a sucker for the ones that work for some social good.

A few weeks ago I was having a conversation with Lance Weiler on IM about Zenith, and the Transmedia Meetup group. During our conversation he asked if I would be interested in getting involved with his upcoming project Robot Heart Stories, the first part of a 3 part series which is aimed at teaching media literacy to students and educators. As the child of two teachers I couldn’t pass the project up. So here I am, on board with an amazing team of Transmedia enthusiasts, teachers, scientists and mathematicians from around the world all eager to see where this unique experience will take us.

Read more about the project below and stay tuned for updates and lessons learned.

Ancora Imparo!

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Short Description of Robot Heart Stories:
Robot Heart Stories is an experiential learning project that uses collaboration and creative problem solving to put education directly in the hands of students.

This fall, one classroom in LA (English speaking) and one multimedia workshop for children in Montreal (French speaking), will lead a global community in a fun participatory storytelling project that aims to empower endless creativity and help a Robot make her way back into space.

Short Description of Participatory aspect of Robot Heart Stories:
Together, we can empower endless creativity, but we need YOU. This fall, one classroom in LA (English speaking) and one multimedia workshop for children in Montreal (French speaking), will lead a participatory storytelling project that will engage a global community of all ages. The goal? Help a Robot make her way from Montreal to Los Angeles so she can return to space. What powers the Robot is YOUR passion and creativity. To get involved, create a “heartpack” and share something you <3. Your work will then become a part of a "heartpack" gallery from participants around the world. For every 1,000 "heartpacks" that are submitted, a contribution will be made to creative writing programs in public schools

Project Creation:
Robot Heart Stories is the first in a trilogy of experiential learning projects from award winning storytelling pioneer Lance Weiler and creative producer Janine Saunders. It is our feeling that together we can empower endless creativity and, with the help of a robot, we can reboot education.


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