Introducing, StoryCode!

Last night’s TransmediaNYC meetup was one for the record books. First off was the highly informative panel between “The Art of Immersion” author Frank Rose and transmedia director, Nate Goldman; second was a case study on the Fanfan2 project presented by Sylvain Leroux from Orange in France; lastly was a 5 x 5 presentation by Zach Lieberman. The turnout itself was amazing, as we had a packed room at our new location in the beautiful Elinor Bunin Monroe Film Center. After wards, our gracious sponsor, Lincoln Center provided a cocktail reception for our attendees. However, the best part of the evening by far (for me anyway) was the announcement of our new non-profit arm, StoryCode and my involvement as the managing chairperson. But, don’t take my word for it, check out my friend James Carter’s post on last night’s festivities, and enjoy some photos compliments of Mo Krochmal of Social Media News NY.

Frank Rose Presentation
Nate Goldman and the Undead End
Zach Lieberman
Aina & Mike
Susan & Sasha
The audience
Brian & me

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