StoryCode and a Few Updates

This will be a short one, basically because I just finished writing another post for Tribeca’s, Future of Film blog, and will cross-post that here shortly. In the meantime here are a few updates I want to share with the community:

  1. StoryCode now has a website (fine, it’s a landing page, but it’s a damn fine landing page) check it out at
  2. I’m being interviewed by Henry Jenkins. Yeah, the godfather of transmedia himself. I’ll explain in further detail when the post goes live, stay tuned!
  3. The Transmedia NYC meetup group has surpassed 500 members. This is an amazing milestone for us and we couldn’t be happier!
  4. The Transmedia NYC Facebook page has begun showcasing the works and projects of storytellers from around the world, you should check it out (after you’re done reading my blog of course.)
  5. Lance Weiler’s, Robot Heart Stories, has wrapped, however we are still looking for funding (if you’re so inclined to donate) as we work toward phase two of Reboot Stories.
  6. Storyworld, rocked!
My Transmedia Desktop
Robot Hearts Angry Birds

O.k., enough updates, get back to work people, I have a conference call to attend to *sigh*


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