Where the Transmedia Girls Are and More Importantly, Where I’ve Been

I recently wrote a post for Tribeca’s Future of Film blog entitled Where the Transmedia Girls Are, I’d paste it here, but Chris and Kristin do such a great job of handling my writing over there that it’s best to just link to it and let them have some of the glory.

I’ve been on one of those career roller-coasters lately, if you’ve ever worked as a freelancer you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. I’ve had several requests for proposals in the past few weeks, some big jobs, some smaller ones, and have been happy to spend a few hours on each one researching, gathering information and meeting with the potential clients to ensure I have all of the details ironed out before I develop a proposal and send it out. The problem of course isn’t in the proposal development process, it’s in landing the actual job. I know a lot of individuals and small companies are still reticent to hire on anyone with “Social Media” in their title, but why ask for the proposal in the first place? I rarely give away any info with my proposal’s (i.e. I never write a deck until the first check is in the bank), and have undercut my pricing to a point where it’s almost not worth it, but a girl’s gotta eat, and every little bit helps…or would help, if only they would sign on. My question is, have you, my freelance friends, been having similar problems? If so, have you found a solution, or is this just another example of our horrible economy?

Well, enough about work, let’s discuss some of the fun happenings this month…

It’s the holiday season, do you hear sleigh bells ringing? Me neither, though I’m still pleasantly surprised by this weather; today I think topped out near 60, I’m not complaining mind you, I’m just unnerved and having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit. I did however see lots of cars with trees strapped to their roofs on my drive home today, good to know I’m a bit ahead of the pack however as my apartment is all festively decorated (yay tree!)

I actually enjoy the holidays, sometimes
I actually enjoy the holidays, sometimes...

It’s party season, and I’ve been invited to my share this year, the most highly anticipated one of course being the Transmedia NYC party at Max Fish. What’s more fun than hanging with a bunch of creative people and drinking? Nothing really, so if you’re free that evening you should defintiely come out and join us. December is also, unfortunately, my birthday month (but ssshhh, don’t tell anyone), there’s something rather aggravating about having a birthday that’s so close to Christmas and which this year happens to fall on the FIRST day of Hanukkah. I have expressly forbidden my friends to do anything for my birthday and if work allows it I will be out of town that whole week anyway (fingers crossed). What are all of your plans for the holiday, going out of town, staying in, getting drunk and prank calling your exes Christmas eve? (I’ve never done that, I swear!) If I don’t write before then, I do hope y’all have a Happy Holiday season and I’ll see you in the New Year.


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