MBA Students, Meet the Transmedia Professionals

I was honored on Friday to be a part of a Transmedia panel during the Columbia MBA Media and Entertainment Conference. The panel was designed to be a discussion on defining the term transmedia and how it plays a role in today’s multi-screen entertainment. Other panelists included industry professionals; Alan Seiffert of SyFy Ventures, Jeff Gomez of Starlight Runner Entertainment and Steve Coulson of Campfire. Topics ranged from the use of transmedia as a marketing tool to the ingredients required for a successful project, which prompted plenty of conversation between the four of us, who all come from vastly different career backgrounds.

I choose not to go too in depth into the conversation itself, as fellow transmedia ally, Simon Pulman, wrote a brilliant recap of, not only ours, but a few other panels from the conference, which you should check out here (our panel is at the end). I do however want to thank Rafael Filippe and Leao Carvalho, both from Columbia’s Business School, for reaching out to me and asking me to be on the panel, and to our moderator, Kabir Ahuja for his great questions and control of the conversation. And while I am no novice to public speaking I want to also thank Jeff and Steve for once again making me feel comfortable during our discussion and also to Alan, whom I met for the first time on Friday, for likewise being an engaging and gracious fellow panelist. Here’s to the future of transmedia and the hopes that we converted a few more business majors!

Goofing around a bit before the panel

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