Virtual reality movies are coming—and they’re going to be crazy

While VR content will allow audiences to explore more fully the world of the film they are watching, there are questions arising as to how narrative structure will have adapt to the these new technologies. The questions then become, will we change the way we tell visual stories and what will this new way of... Continue Reading →


Telling Your Brand’s Story

This presentation was from a panel I sat on called Supercharging Your Business Growth Through Storytelling for the NY Technology Council. The focus of the panel was to explain why storytelling has become such an integral part of marketing campaigns and to provide tips to brands and marketers on how to develop better storytelling techniques.

See on - Transmedia is the Name of the Game Cloud Chamber, an online, interactive mystery, will open this year’s New York Film Festival Convergence program. In this interview I speak with creator, Christian Fonnesbech who explains the process of getting a large scale project off the grou... Jen Begeal's insight: My latest article... Continue Reading →

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