3 Social Media Campaigns Totally Nailing It Today

I love a good, smart social media campaign as much as the next marketer, and today’s mentions did not disappoint. From kittens to tacos to capitalizing on Halloween shenanigans, here are my list of today’s top social media marketing campaigns.


Did you know today was national cat day? You didn’t? Well then just head on over to twitter right now and check out #NationalCatDay, don’t worry, I’ll be here when you get back…


Have you’re eyes rolled back into your skull yet from cuteness overload? Yeah I thought so. Anyway, where were we, oh yes, so, in honor of National Cat Day, Uber (the shady car service guys), decided that they needed a little extra PR help and figured, what better way to boost audience trust than through KITTENS!

Yes, I kid you not, fluffy balls of adorableness, delivered directly to your door for 15 minutes of snuggles. Some kittens even came with cupcakes, don’t try to overthink this one, just let it sink in.

What I find most disturbing/interesting/unique about this campaign is that this is the SECOND YEAR they have done this. How the hell did I not hear about #UberKittens before? I have so much kitten related material I could have used if someone had clued me in. Alas the only thing I can hope for is that they celebrate again next year and I order little ball of fur and claws of my very own to snuggle. My luck though this would happen to me:


On the plus side, I tweeted an image of my own furry apartment mates and got a nice tweet back from the ASPCA.

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Taco Bell: 

Though I am not a fan of their food (insert bathroom joke here), they did cause some buzz today when they went all radio silence across their social media channels. This cryptic message is now the only thing visible on their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook feeds:


It would appear that Toxic Hell  Taco Bell has created a brand new ordering app. My only question to their PR team would be, “who do you think will be using said app to order Taco Bell, in a drive through, after an all-night bender?”

You know, I’m really not sure their marketing department thought this one through the whole way, because seriously, app ordering, not exactly the Taco Belll demographic.



When is comes to witty social media campaigns, you know you can count on Oreo not to disappoint. In the spirit of Halloween and in partnership with 360i, they created the #OreoLab NomSters campaign.

Leading up to Halloween, Oreo will be bringing a new “nomster” to life each day this week and unleashing it on the world via social channels. Fans can follow Oreo on Facebook, Twitter andInstagram to view exclusive stop-motion videos of the experiments from the Laboratorium. Additionally, Oreo is asking fans to help “Name the Nomster” on Facebook and Twitter. The best name will be made into custom digital content and recognized by Oreo later that day.

The #OreoLab, which is inspired by an 1800’s mad scientist laboratory, features an innovative set design and is housed on Instagram (with its own account: @OreoLab). The panoramic Laboratorium is fully explorable on mobile, whereby turning their phones horizontal, fans can discover hints of experiments yet to come.

Yeah, the interactive geek in me is so going to be playing with this later because, cookies.


Dark Detour:

Yeah I know I said three, but Dark Detour gets an honorable mention here, not because of they virility of the campaign but because of the amount of hard work, dedication and creepy attention to details going into this multi-platform horror story from some of the greatest minds in the ARG, film and transmedia worlds. When you find a moment, grab a glass of wine and sit down with the Dark Detour story feed and immerse yourself into Talbot Griffin’s nightmare, you won’t be disappointed.


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