Sharknado Preparedness

On Thursday, July 11, 2013 SyFy Network aired The Asylum’s Sharknado a B-Movie that embraced its genre status, and took twitter by storm. Starring Tara Reid and Ian Zerling, the movie drew 1.4 Million viewers, a respectable number for a Sy...Jen Begeal's insight:Sharknado reminds us that our viewing habits haven’t so much changed as evolved,... Continue Reading →

CEO Jen Begeal announces the launch of JLB Hart Media

JLB Hart Media is a digital strategy company whose primary purpose is to increase audience interaction with independent entertainment properties through all stages of development. JLB Hart Media specializes in helping creators seek out and connect with their core audience through a mix of social media marketing, content development and alternative distribution.   By developing a... Continue Reading →

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