How to find your story and share it with the world

Recently I had of the privilege of being interviewed for the TEND Strategic Partners podcast, Smashing the Plateau. During the interview I spoke about my¬†experience building communities using traditional¬†storytelling techniques for my clients in the technology, start-up and¬†entertainment industries. A few points that I touch upon during the podcast are: Entrepreneurs always have ideas so... Continue Reading →


StoryCode and a Few Updates

This will be a short one, basically because I just finished writing another post for Tribeca's, Future of Film blog, and will cross-post that here shortly. In the meantime here are a few updates I want to share with the community: StoryCode now has a website (fine, it's a landing page, but it's a damn... Continue Reading →

Finding the end

How do you recognize the end of a transmedia project? Imagine yourself waking up each morning to the familiar taste and smell of your creation, you two have been together for years and you can't remember why. These are the days you have forgotten who you were, before it began, and how you've ended up... Continue Reading →

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